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Can I obtain a refund of the duty I paid for imported goods if I export or return the goods to the supplier?

If you have exported or intend to export goods previously imported with duty paid, there is a possibility you can get a refund of the duty. Drawback is a mechanism that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has to enable importers to get a refund of duty paid on imported goods when they are exported or destroyed. Be aware the process of filing for drawback can be involved and the time it takes to receive refunds can be lengthy. You must have proof of the export or destruction, as well as proof that duty was originally paid. A bill of sale or airway bill is valid proof of export and a CBP Officer must witness the destruction of the goods. Without proof of export or the destruction, the claim is not substantiated.

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How long does an importer or exporter have to file a drawback claim?

An importer and exporter must file a drawback claim within three years after the date of exportation. If the drawback claim is not filed within three years, the exporter cannot file, unless U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) takes responsibility for the claim being filed in an untimely manner. The possibility of an extension is highly unlikely.


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